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The weak can never forgive.

25 September 1985
Welcome To My Life

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the girl my name is Lieta, I'm ALSO sexi_biitch&alleyezonmeh I'm a 26 yr old mom fromPhilly,Pa but yet have seen half the things here. I have a little man named Jimmy , who is 9(June 20th) . I have a little DIVA named Ellie who is 1 ( June 11 ). I'm very open minded, and don't like being told what to do. I'm easy to talk to, i'm a VERY talkative person, sometimes i just cant shut up. I bite my nails, bad habit- i know, but i cant stop, oh well. I dye my hair a lot, and i'm growin it long. For all those shit talkers- Yes, i had a baby at 16, sue me- If you have a problem with that, well then i suggest you stop reading HERE.

my true love Jay <3 I met Jay, when i was just 14 years old, and we have been together since, i believe in love at first site-well i did when i met him. We don't always get a long, but that's what makes our relationship so strong. He's the best, and i couldn't ask for more, he's there for me, supports me (emotionally and financially), He's just the best, and no you can't have him!

my everything Jimmy&Ellie my litlte boy and baby girl, Born on June 20,2002 & June 11, 2010. My life wouldn't be complete if,i didn't have them. They reminds me everyday, why im here, why i do what i do. I would be nothing without them, and i love them to no end. Theyare my life, my world .my everything.

likes Taking care of my babies shopping, movies, mall, driving, cleaning (yes i said Cleaning), playground w/ Jimmy&Ellie , making Jimmy&Ellie happy, contacts, makeup, getting my nails done, fixin hair, walking, gym, exercising, SEX, blonde hair, tanning, STAR magazine, and of course where would I be without LIVEJOUNRAL,!!!!!!

dislikes drama, shoe shopping, white skin (on me), shit talkers, guys who think they are the SHIT, seafood, being sick , the SUN, & bad hygiene.

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